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The Ki to Success

by Kirin Singh

A successful businesswoman's guide to help women seize control of their destiny.

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This successful businesswoman's guide exhibits how to help women of all ages seize control of their destiny. Kirin doesn't only focus on business--she teaches balance by teaching how to make friends, how to find your passion and career path.

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Have you ever had a really great girlfriend?  One that “gets you”, understands what you are going through, yet emphasizes your strengths?

What if your girlfriend had been there, done that, and achieved success through it all?

Reading the Ki to Success, by Kirin Singh, you will feel like you are staying up all night sharing life stories with a very wise, very practical, and very empowering new best friend.

Kirin shares with you her struggles, her successes, and her “Ki’s” to success.  Ki’s that you can apply, immediately, to change your future from less than, to more than you ever dreamed.  Along the way, you will become everything you are meant to be.  A strong, creative, positive, determined and successful woman.

You too can have it all!

Rave Reviews

The Ki to Success is inspiring women around the world!  Here’s just some of the amazing feedback…

Nikki Clarke

Nikki Clarke

I started reading it yesterday! It's a straightforward, funny, and informative guide to making it happen. Thank you for this gift, Kirin Singh!

Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Tracey-Acadia Thomas

Your story is incredible Kirin Singh! I really feel it is something that will inspire so many women. Looking forward to working with you in the very near future!

Jasbir Garcha

Jasbir Garcha

I read your book twice not once, Kirin. I highly recommend it and really loved reading it how you have shared your personal real life experiences, success, motivation and inspiring messages. Wish you every success and real growth in your future!! Peace, Love & Joy!!

Samples from the book

Here’s a sneak peak of what The Ki to Success is all about! 

Find Who You Are – Find Your Passion

I was never one of those people who knew exactly what they wanted to be as a child.  Not when it came to profession. Certainly, if you had asked me at age 10, 15, even 20 what I wanted to do “when I grow up”, I would never have told you “own my own real estate company by the time I’m 35”!  Yet, here I am, doing just that, happy and excited to be establishing myself in a field where I’ve truly found my passion.

Even so, and without a particular focus, as far back as I can remember I knew I wanted to be something.  I wanted to make my mark.  When I was a kid, people asked me my favourite colour, as they often do in school and so on, and other kids would say blue, pink, red – I would say orange.

People would ask me why, since it’s an unusual choice, and I could never really come up with a specific reason, but now I think that it’s a good way of seeing how everything has come together in my life.

Orange.  It’s my brand, so to speak.  Orange has a warm vibrancy to it and it stands out from the crowd – it’s me.  It’s about positive energy and constantly moving forward.  I’ve made orange – and oranges – an integral part of my company’s image, branding and message.

Starting Out

Starting out on my own as a professional woman was a very exciting time for me.  I felt charged up and ready to make a name for myself.  When I came back from Europe after my eye-opening trip, it was a really proud year.  I turned 25 in November, and I had always said I wanted to own my own detached home by that age.  I moved into my own place on November 1st and my birthday was the 22nd – I turned 25, and I felt like I was on the way up, independent, and taking on the world on my own terms.  There’s nothing like that first time you look around and realize everything you see is yours from the carpets to the dishes and that cool bedspread that matches the blue of your bedroom walls.  It all belongs to you and you got it by working hard.

I knew back then that I wanted to “be something” but I didn’t know what exactly that would be. My mother was already a successful real estate agent, working under the umbrella of a large multi-national real estate company.  Since I already had experience in the field, I decided to go back to it.  I went to work as an independent sales professional out of the same office as my Mom.

Growing Up

What is our purpose in life?  Do you believe in destiny?  Do we create our own destiny?  Do we have any control?

I ask myself that all the time.

Never mind the big questions – more often I’m thinking can I not just get through one year with the bullshit?  I’ve gone through my share of upheaval and it felt terrible at the time, but one thing I’ve learned as I’ve gone along is this: everyone deals with ups and downs.  Nobody’s life is perfect.  Still, I know from experience that it can be especially hard to look around during those moments when you think life isn’t going so great and see people around you who seem to have it all under control.  Real estate is a competitive world and those who are successful in it are conspicuous; in fact, I’ve worked with some of the best of them, the top salespeople in the area.  I was always surrounded by people who inspired me to do very well by example.  They gave me something to shoot for, but it meant that sometimes I was all too aware of how far I had to go!

The “success” I’m talking about can be in any field or however you define it, from getting your first gallery show as a painter to making your first multi-million dollar sale in real estate.  It certainly doesn’t have to involve money, but in our world, thats always a primary concern.

Take a Bold Step

I’ve talked about that fateful year when I made so many drastic choices. I think a time like that comes along in everyone’s life.  It’s the moment where you’re forced to really look at where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and where you’re headed.

Really, that moment could come at any time, but people are creatures of habit, as the say, and we tend to stick with what we know.  We’ll live in familiar circumstances for as long as it’s barely tolerable.  It certainly doesn’t have to get that dramatic.  Like many people, I was living in situation where a lot of things weren’t working – they weren’t super awful, and certainly there are people in the world living under worse circumstances, but I wasn’t truly happy, and I wasn’t truly fulfilled.  I did not feel like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing – I felt held back.

You may get that “trapped in” feeling at any stage of your career, but I think it’s especially crucial to consider when you’re starting out.  Sure, you can expect to start at the bottom of the ladder, and that’s true whether your career aspirations lie in the corporate world, in academia or anywhere else.   So yes, you can expect that for a certain amount of time, you’ll be paying your dues, working at a job that you may not like or really enjoy.

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